IBN INDIA is a forum of successful business entrepreneur to share business ideas, latest market trends, national & international business opportunities and the most importantly BUSINESS REFERRALS.
In the age of highly competitive business environment an entrepreneur always look for new opportunities to expand his business reach and we provide an equal platform for projecting their business and share the benefits to others. IBN India is recognized as one of the most effective and successful business referral network in India.


  • Immediate and high quality leads for your business from other network members.
  • Build a dynamic base of advocates for your business.
  • Benefit from influence of other energetic and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Launch & promote your products/services in the periodical meetings.
  • Generate qualified sales leads through promotions in the periodical meetings.
  • Celebrate your success with fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Participate in seminars, conferences and annual conventions.
  • Exclusive networking tools for more referrals.
  • Develop presentation skills through regular business presentation in periodical meetings.
  • Develop diversified business knowledge base by participating in seminars and conferences.
  • Participate in outbound business workshops.
  • Share ideas, knowledge in periodical business newsletters.

If you are interested to join IBN INDIA then you are welcome to join the group in our periodical meeting. We invite you to our office for a discussion over a cup of coffee. Please contact us at +91 7980765571

To make the network operative in effective and professional manners we have designed a fees structure for members. The fee is payable monthly regardless of attendance in the meetings and to enjoy the continuous benefit of the membership.

This fee is required to pay at the time of joining of the network on acceptance of membership. This fee should accompany the application form along with necessary documents.

Every year the members are required to renew their membership to continue the benefits of the membership. An annual renewal membership fee is fixed every year.

Payment can be made by Cheque/Demand Draft or direct bank transfer.


IBN INDIA also offer various services for the benefits of its members. We offer a range of services with exclusive design and rates for our members only.

  • Industry specific research work
  • OD Consultancy
  • Product Launching at Member's Meet
  • Product Promotions at Member's Meet
  • Learning & Development Initiatives

IBN INDIA is offering an exclusive executive membership for expanding its network in different parts of India and interested entrepreneurs are requested to drop a mail at our registered mail id.


IBN INDIA is not only manages business referral network for its members, it also organises periodical outbound professional development programs for members. Annual Recognition Event for business leaders for their contributions and network development performances is one of the state of annual convention organises by IBN INDIA.


Who can join IBN INDIA?
Only one person is allowed against each professional job roles in a circle. Suppose you are a Wedding Planner and we have already a Wedding Planner in a circle then we will refer you to a new circle or else you can initiate for a new circle with approval of the Managing Committee. However, if you are a beautician and interested to join IBN INDIA then you could be eligible to join the same circle of the Wedding Planner.

How can I use IBN INDIA for my business?
IBN INDIA is a forum to connect and form referral networks with like minded entrepreneurs. You have the opportunity to meet them periodically to promote your business and also share your ideas, offers in our newsletters. You are free to interact with the members anytime other than meetings too. Members are also entitled to launch their products/services in periodical meetings.

Can I represent two or more of my businesses in the same circle?
No, only one business (represented by a person) is allowed in each circle. This is to promote active and quality referral and networking with members in the network. If you have more than one business, you are welcome to join other circle. A business can join unlimited networks, but a circle cannot be represented by more than one business from the same person.

How do you know a member is reputable?
In IBN INDIA we are very particular about the credentials of the members and before awarding the membership to a new member our membership committee will thoroughly check the credentials through references. Apart from reference verifications a new member has to go through a detailed discussion with the membership committee and upon satisfaction membership committee recommend for the membership.

Can a member bring visitors?
The beauty of networking is in qualitative expansion of the network; so members are always encouraged to bring new visitors of different professions or trades. Before bringing any visitor in the periodical meetings it is mandatory to take prior approval from the IBN INDIA.

If my profession does not allow me to solicit business, do you think IBN INDIA still right for me?
The objective of IBN INDIA is to support its members through networking in turns growth of their business. We provide a common forum for all its members to know each other well and they share opportunities amongst themselves.


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